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Business Law Hotline

Don't let your first brush with the law be in front of a judge and jury. The National Newspaper Association is offering, free to members, its Business Law Hotline.

Stave off possible court actions by consulting with media attorneys about a variety of issues. Attorneys -- all with backgrounds in media law -- in Nashville, TN, San Diego, CA, and Arlington, VA, support the hotline.

The hotline does not participate in conflicts between newspapers. It provides general information that will help you to determine when you need more legal assistance. For questions about libel, public notices, taxation or estate planning, consult your newspaper attorney.

Many state press organizations also provide hotlines for newsroom and other issues. Contact your state association to learn more.

American Press Works Inc. and King & Ballow of Nashville, TN, and San Diego, CA, sponsor the NNA hotline.

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