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About NNA

What is the National Newspaper Association?

Established in 1885, the National Newspaper Association (NNA) is a not-for-profit trade association representing the owners, publishers and editors of America's community newspapers. NNA's mission is to protect, promote and enhance America's community newspapers. Today, NNA's 2,000 members make it the largest national newspaper association. 

NNA works closely with policy officials to create a legal and regulatory environment conducive to the growth of community newspapers. NNA also provides business and educational programs and services to improve the quality, reach, and relevance of community newspapers throughout the country.

Who can join NNA?

Newspapers (non-daily and daily), college newspapers, and online newspapers with 25%  local editorial content are eligible for NNA membership. Both free and paid circulation publications are eligible for NNA membership, and dues are calculated upon a combination of free and paid circulation.

Suppliers to the newspaper industry, students, journalism professors, and retired publishers/owners are also eligible for membership. For further information on these membership opportunities, check the membership section of this website, call the NNA member line (800) 829-4NNA (4662) or email membership@nna.org.

About NNA

The mission of the National Newspaper Association is to protect, promote and enhance America's community newspapers.

  • NNA protects community newspapers through active and effective government relation programs that addresses the issues affecting community newspapers.
  • NNA promotes community newspapers by educating readers, advertisers, and policy officials on the benefits and value of community newspapers.
  • NNA enhances community newspapers by providing information, solutions and strategies on current and emerging issues affecting the business interest of community newspapers.

The symbol for NNA - and community newspapers - is an individual on a park bench reading a newspaper.

It emphasizes and reminds us that the value of community newspapers is in their ability to inform, educate and entertain people.

The informed individual is the most elemental building block of our democracy. By making the figure of the reader the central image in the logo, we remind our members that informing the public at the community level is our most important task. The relaxed demeanor of the figure seated in the park signifies safety and security. The circular design reinforces the sense of a closely-knit community, like the towns, cities and counties we serve.

About NNA member newspapers

Readers of NNA newspapers turn to their newspapers more than any other medium to find out what an issue is about2
NNA member newspapers that have a circulation of 5,000 or less 50%1
Readers of NNA newspapers who prefer to receive information about national elections from newspapers (more than any other source) 75%2
Readers who say NNA member publications are trustworthy 80%2
Market adults who bought groceries in the last 30 days in response to an ad they saw in an NNA newspaper 50%3
Readers of NNA news who always or frequently read retail ads >67%2
Readers who turn to NNA publications as their primary source for information about retail store advertising, sales and where to shop locally >50%2
Readers who turn to NNA newspapers as their primary source for jobs and real estate advertising 50%2
Readers of NNA newspapers prefer to receive legal and public notice ads in the newspaper rather than on the Internet >70%2
Member Newspapers…
… that have websites 70%1
… that offer classified advertising on their websites 75%1
… readers who use the Internet to read local and national news 50%2
… that use Apple computers >75%1
… that use QuarkXPress to design their newspapers 50%1
… that employ 10 or more people full-time 67%1
… that employ five or more people part-time 33%1
… that are part of a group that contain two to four papers >40%1
… that are family owned >67%1
… that have been in the family for 80-99 years 90%1
… that own their own printing plant >40%1
… that use the postal service as a delivery method 94%1
… that use news racks as a delivery method 88%1
… that use carriers as a delivery method 33%1
… that are also members of a state press association 83%1
1 Belden Assocs., 2005
2 Pulse Research, 2001
3 NNA Community Newspaper Readership Survey, 2005