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Publishers' Auxiliary

Publishers' Auxiliary Digital Edition by Pressmart

The National Newspaper Association, in partnership with Pressmart Media Ltd., is making Publishers' Auxiliary available in an interactive online version.

This new digital edition features automated continuation of articles, active links to all websites and e-mails referenced in the publication, quick-find searches, page specific viewing, e-mail notification and more.

As an NNA member, you will be notified by e-mail when new editions are available online. If you have any questions about this member benefit, please contact Stan Schwartz at or (800) 826-4NNA (4662), option 2.

Your Publishers' Auxiliary is now always within reach

Traveling, out of the office, or just can't wait for the next Publishers' Auxiliary to arrive in the mail? Need to find that Max Heath column on how to use OMX and tubs to get the most out of your postal service, but the cleaning crew already tossed the copy you kept on your desk?

The National Newspaper Association in partnership with Pressmart Media Ltd. is making Pub Aux available in an interactive online version.

Members who provide NNA with their e-mail address will receive an e-mail alert as soon as each new edition is available.

Digital Publishers' Auxiliary is a digital replica of the print version and viewable in any common Web browser. Pages display just as if you were holding the printed paper in your hands; you can turn pages or turn to pages in familiar ways.

The Pressmart edition of Publishers' Auxiliary offers some key functions for NNA members and Pub Aux advertisers.

  • Clicking on a story will open it in a separate window, with larger, easier-to-read type.
  • From that story window, clicking an icon in the bar across the top results in having the story read aloud to you.
  • If you have a hand-held or cellphone browser such as the iPhone, you can have stories read aloud to you as you drive to or from work.
  • Clicking another icon in that top bar will open your e-mail client with the story inserted and ready to send to a colleague at your paper.
  • Click another button to print the story.
  • Clicking yet another icon in that top bar will "clip" the story for easy access later.
  • Clicking on a Web address in a story or within an advertisement will open that website in another browser window.

In the coming months, NNA and Pressmart will work to digitize many back issues of Publishers' Auxiliary. All same-as-print digital editions of Publishers' Auxiliary will be keyword searchable so it will be easy for NNA members to find those valuable columns and stories from their favorite contributors such as Max Heath (postal) or Kevin Slimp (technology).

To see the Digital Publishers' Auxiliary, sign up by contacting Stan Schwartz at

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