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Publishers' Auxiliary

About Publishers' Auxiliary

Publishers' Auxiliary (Pub Aux) is the only national publication serving America's community newspapers.  First published in 1865, Publishers' Auxiliary is also the oldest newspaper serving the newspaper industry.

It is a must-read for those in the community newspaper business. It provides valuable and up-to-date information and ideas on the management, operation and production of community newspapers. It is also a valuable source of information about public policy and other issues affecting community newspapers.  

Publishers' Auxiliary is also an excellent advertising vehicle for those who sell to newspapers and small businesses.  The paper is read by decision makers, many of whom own multiple newspapers.

A digital archive of Publishers' Auxiliary back issues is now available in an interactive online version from Pressmart. This new e-Edition features automated continuation of articles, active links to all websites and e-mails referenced in the publication, quick-find searches, page specific viewing, e-mail notification and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Publishers' Auxiliary staff:


Cindy Joy-Rodgers
Sales and Sponsorships
(540) 891-5171

Stan Schwartz
Managing Editor
(573) 882-6327