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The National Newspaper Association’s mission is to protect, promote and enhance American’s community newspapers. NNA needs the support of every community newspaper in order to work closely with policy officials to create a legal and regulatory environment conducive to the growth of community newspapers.

Top Issues

Public financial reporting
HR 2727, introduced by Rep. Walter Jones, R-NC, will reinstate public financial reporting through newspaper public notice. The bill would require the Treasury Department to create new regulations defining the information that must be disclosed.
Prerecorded sales calls no longer permitted
The Federal Trade Commission has banned all prerecorded commercial sales calls unless the seller obtains written permission from the consumer.
Journalists must be allowed to cover the news
Safety vests, now required for reporters and photographers on federal highways, may pose an undue burden for small media.
Labor Department must consider small business burdens when granting employee leave
Expansion of the Family and Medical Leave Act must balance the medical needs of employees and the administrative burden on employers.
In 2011 estate tax rates will surge from 0% to 55%
Congress must act swiftly to save small family businesses from folding as a result of the estate tax.
Federal ombudsman is the pathway to an effective and efficient FOIA
The National Archives must receive adequate funding for a federal ombudsman to handle FOIA requests, as Congress intended in the OPEN Government Act.
Confidential sources must be protected
A federal shield law is necessary to protect the public’s right to know.

NNA also cares about:

Americans with Disabilities Act
Congress has passed some changes to the Americans With Disabilities Act that may broaden employers’ responsibilities. 
Health care must be affordable for businesses large and small
Congress must explore innovative methods to enable small businesses to provide affordable health care to their employees.
Further attempts to restrict free speech must be restrained
Restrictions on advertising raise First Amendment concerns for community newspapers.
Targeted mailings ensure community businesses will survive
Legislation that would eliminate direct mail would have a detrimental economic effect on businesses reaching potential customers.
Federal privacy laws are not a shield from open records requirements
Disclosure of basic information involving public incidents should not be limited by HIPAA and FERPA.
Chilling effect hurts free speech when media and government are not free to communicate
Leaks of classified information should not be criminalized.


Sunshine Week Information Graphics

McClatchy-Tribune Direct in Washington, D.C., has produced several information graphics for Sunshine Week 2009. The images may be used by MCT clients and non-clients during Sunshine Week.

For additional information and file formats, visit the MCT website.


Current issues/legislation news

Web technology raises privacy concerns

At recent Federal Trade Commission hearings on Internet privacy, FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbor said, in part, “We have entered a digital arms race, and the outlook is troubling.”

NNA urges more work on health care reform

The health care reform bill passed by the House of Representatives Nov 7 by a narrow 5 vote margin has missed the mark for small businesses and should not be adopted by the Senate without significant changes to protect millions of jobs in American small business, National Newspaper Association President Cheryl Kaechele, publisher of The Allegan (MI) County News, said today.

NNA resolution in opposition to the adoption of HR 3962

We oppose adoption of HR 3962, however, because our members representing community newspapers across the country, like every other small business, will bear too much of the burden of increased coverage.

NNA commends Postmaster General Jack Potter for holding the line

National Newspaper Association President Cheryl Kaechele, publisher of the Allegan County (MI) News and NNA Postal Committee Chairman Max Heath today commended Postmaster General Jack Potter for his early announcement that 2010 would not deliver higher postal rates.

NNA links newspapers to research source for health care bills

National Newspaper Association is a member of the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare. Led by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Coalition urges meaningful health care reform, and opposes heavy mandates upon employers. NNA also has expressed concern about some proposals that would fund reform by taxing advertising.