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Member Benefits

Improve Employee Retention and Increase Productivity

AON, one of the world's largest insurance brokerage firms in the world, offers NNA members its U-Select Program of Voluntary Employee Benefits, through Aon's Worksite Solutions business unit. This NNA member program expands your newspaper's employee benefit program, and communicates existing benefits. All without cost to your business, or any changes to your current benefit plans. Using a brief laptop computer presentation, each employee sees an explanation of your benefits, and the cost your company spends for these benefits. Employees are shown their total compensation of salary plus benefits. Through this program, employees customize insurance benefits to fit their desires and fund them through payroll deduction. They spend under one hour of pay per week. This process is based on employee choice using the trademarked "One Minute Benefit Planner" to fit their own priorities and life situations. The program will generally increase morale, productivity and help reduce turnover. NNA member companies receive Custom Benefit Statements for each of their employees at no cost with this program.

For additional information, contact Paul Trottier at AON Worksite Solutions at (800) 704-0195 or visit their website at