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Member Benefits


Business Insurance

NNA’s business insurance program, underwritten by the Hartford Insurance Company, provides peace of mind for newspapers. This comprehensive package of protection includes workers’ compensation, property and liability, commercial automobile and umbrella policies. Additional coverage is available for equipment breakdowns, business income interruption, employee’s dishonesty and accounts receivable (to mention only a few items). Flexible payments are available. For further information, contact your local Hartford agent or Walterry Insurance Brokers at (800) 638-8791 or

The Hartford Midsize Business Insurance Center

The Midsize Business Insurance Center provides tools and information on workers' compensation, liability, property and other types of midsize businesses.

Health Insurance

AGU offers major medical insurance to individuals and small groups plus a unique supplemental benefit plan called Fringemark. This plan provides a schedule of cash benefits paid directly to the insured to help offset the cost of common health care services such as doctor’s office visits, lab tests, hospital or emergency room treatments and surgery. Fringemark is a lower-cost alternative to comprehensive health insurance. Eligible employees, including part-time and contract and seasonal workers can be insured without answering health questions or taking a physical examination. For additional information or a free, no obligation quote, contact Emma Parrish at (877) 673-9797 or visit the AGU website at

Libel Insurance

Access to the best libel insurance in the newspaper industry. Through a long-term commitment with Walterry Insurance Brokers, NNA members are eligible to receive broad-based coverage that now includes Internet and on-line activities. Underwritten by the Chubb Group, this policy covers all of the newspaper’s needs. Defense costs are covered in addition to the policy limits. Decision to publish retractions is left to the newspaper. Stringers and freelance writers are covered. Policies can be written through your local broker. For complete details and to learn about the discounts available to NNA members, contact Walterry Insurance Brokers at (800) 638-8791 or