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Who knows the challenges and opportunities facing community newspaper publishers better than another publisher? That's why the National Newspaper Association started its Members Helping Members Program. Another publisher may have the answer to one of your pressing challenges. And you just may have the answer to someone else's question.

NNA's Missouri and Washington offices receive calls weekly, asking about everything from the basics of business operations to the complexity of postal regulations.

The American newspaper industry has evolved and adapted to changing business conditions for more than 200 years. As the oldest national newspaper association in America, NNA has been helping community newspapers face those changes for more than 120 years. NNA has been there for community newspaper publishers during depressions, development of new media and technologies (color, cold type, PDF editions), and evolving business plans and opportunities.

The continued strength of NNA's community newspapers comes from the willingness of its accomplished and hard-working newspaper men and women, publishers and editors, sharing their knowledge and experiences with other NNA members.

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