Publishers’ Auxiliary Digital Edition by eType Services

The National Newspaper Association, in partnership with eType Services, has made Publishers' Auxiliary available in an interactive online version.

This digital edition features active links to all websites and emails referenced in the publication, quick-find searches, page specific viewing, email notification and more.

As an NNA member, you will be notified by e-mail when new editions are available online. If you have any questions about this member benefit, please contact Kate Richardson at or 217-820-0212.


Your Publishers' Auxiliary is now always within reach

Traveling, out of the office or just can't wait for the next Publishers' Auxiliary to arrive in the mail? Need to find that Max Heath column on how to use OMX and tubs to get the most out of your Postal Service, but the cleaning crew already tossed the copy you kept on your desk?



Publishers’ Auxiliary is the go-to monthly publication for more than 1,800 National Newspaper Association member newspaper companies — America’s independent community papers, both weeklies and dailies.

Pub Aux is the place for publishers to find the how-to articles they need for success. Compatible editorial in themed issues help your message reach interested readers. Issues are sent to decision makers. 

For more information, download the Media Guide for rates and our editorial planner.

Wendy MacDonald
Sales Consultant