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Let's focus on real journalism — not so-called 'fake news'

Jan 18, 2018

President Trump's "Fake News Awards," posted late Wednesday, were more gimmick than "gotcha" — worth a moment's attention, perhaps, but not much more.

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'Weakening' libel laws is not the right tactic — for anyone

Jan 11, 2018

Making it easier to sue people for libel is not a good idea — for our democracy in general, and even for President Trump and a few of his personal lawyers, in particular.

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The Lazy Person's Guide to Being a Good Citizen

Dec 26, 2017

You sometimes suspect that you're not as well-informed as you should be. When you read about that study that found that middle school kids were unable to distinguish paid advertisements from news stories, ...

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Two wrongs do not make a 'right' — but they can misuse one

Dec 7, 2017

Didn't we all learn, long ago, that "two wrongs don't make a right"? But two wrongs can misuse a right — as in our right to free expression, guaranteed by the First Amendment.

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We're a big part of the fix for 'junk news'

Nov 14, 2017

Let's stop talking so much about "fake news." Not that we should ever cease identifying, talking about or countering misinformation, be it accidental error, the result of negligent work, or deliberately ...

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Shouting Down Free Speech

Nov 1, 2017

Is the First Amendment truly in danger? It can certainly seem like it when every week some new and alarming event happens that makes people wonder if our freedom to express ourselves is slipping away.

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To Trump on NBC 'License' Tweet: No!

Oct 12, 2017

There's only one appropriate, spirit-of-freedom response to the "Trump tweet" on Wednesday asking when it's "appropriate" for the government to punish NBC News for a story the president didn't like:

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Hefner, Rolling Stone: Goodbye to two original free spirit, free speech icons

Sep 29, 2017

The twin icons of "hip" and "hippies" are no more.

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Patriotism, respect for flag cannot be 'ordered'

Sep 29, 2017

Donald Trump is singing the wrong song about freedom, patriotism and First Amendment values. Over the weekend, Trump.

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