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NNA provides its members with content to reprint or post to websites.

This content includes columns by directors and NNA member newspapers, Freedom Forum Institute's First Amendment columns/ editorials (available weekly) and more. 

Happy new – and old – year: 2020 just won’t go away when it comes to First Amendment issues in 2021

Dec 30, 2020

Gene Policinski talks about the challenging year of 2020 and its many issues over First Amendment freedoms that will most likely flop over into the new year.

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American students should learn about Christmas in schools

Dec 23, 2020

David Callaway talks about the question of whether or not it is constitutional to teach about religion in public schools, specifically Christmas, and ways educators can enrich students’ understanding ...

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Bill of Rights Day: The ‘right’ day to celebrate our freedom

Dec 17, 2020

Gene Policinski talks about our nation’s annual Bill of Rights Day, which had a bit more reality for more of us in 2020 than in most years, and even though it passed again with little-to-no notice ...

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Religious Freedom in the Age of a Global Pandemic

Dec 3, 2020

Trey Daniel talks about how the practice of Religious Freedom, like most other spheres of human activity, has been radically affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Print newspapers create a powerful, lasting and permanent image ⁠— never out of sight, out of mind

Nov 30, 2020

Print newspapers have no better champion than the articulate Minnesota publisher, Reed Anfinson, one of America’s foremost leaders in community newspapers. Anfinson has traveled the country espousing ...

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Thankful we can speak our minds this Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2020

Patty Rhule talks about how during this pandemic-era Thanksgiving, all of the freedoms of the First Amendment should be high on the list when counting our blessings and advice on how to keep political ...

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The power to tax is the power to destroy ⁠— PPP deductibility must be fixed now

Nov 20, 2020

Unemployment this year hit nearly 15% ⁠— the highest the nation has seen since the Great Depression. If businesses had not kept their payrolls running through PPP, unemployment would have zoomed ...

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‘Buckle up’ America: We’re in for a wild First Amendment ride

Nov 19, 2020

Gene Policinski talks about the wild ride Americans are about to embark on in response to Justice Alito's recent speech listing grievances about the state of individual rights in America, with a special ...

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We cannot allow our First Amendment rights to become ‘wrongs’

Nov 12, 2020

Gene Policinski talks about the new law signed into effect in Tennessee that chills the rights to protest by making it a felony to camp overnight without a permit, and implementing stricter penalties and ...

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