3 ways to build ‘repetition’ in your print and online editions

Rix Quinn

Jun 1, 2020


What if you could improve reader “recall” scores for feature stories and ads?

The secret: Don’t try to be better. Try to be different.

What local advantages can you demonstrate that national competitors can’t?

Three unique services you can offer are: (1) print and online editions, (2) “local products and services” classifieds, and (3) repetition of stories (or advertising) in one-minute audio format.

Many of us already offer print and online editions. “Local products and services” could be a simple text-only listing of current advertisers.

You could show these listings in each print edition, in addition to a company’s display ad. Those listings could be under two basic categories: PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

This requires very little space …perhaps only the business name and phone number for each listing. But, it repeats each advertiser’s name …and repetition aids memorability.


I work with national business magazines, helping them add radio-style sound to their soundless products. What’s the best way to introduce this service?

My recommendation: Start running FREE Minute Biographies on your website. Each week, honor a local citizen by creating a 150-word story about what makes them special. Examples: the mayor, local physician, bank president, high school football coach, etc. Run each as a print feature, and also record it as a Minute Biography.

I create these short stories by “writing with my ears.” I record a brief interview with each person, sometimes asking only two questions: “What made you choose your profession?” and “What would you like our readership to know about you?” Then I turn these replies into short print and audio stories.

Once you’ve posted a few of these online, your ad manager can approach businesses to see if they’d consider running a radio-style ad on your website. Once you’ve recorded the ad, you can send an mp3 version of that ad to the customer, who can attach it to her business e-mailings.

This is easy to do. I record for a few publishers, but you do not need me. You can record these yourself with inexpensive software and an online audio storage site.

Bottom line: Repetition is powerful. Frequent mention of a company helps recall. Reinforce readers’ memory by repeating important stories and sales messages with audio.

Rix QUINN writes a humor feature for 120 newspapers and helps publications add audio to their publications. Publishers can get a free synopsis of his upcoming e-book “Write with Your Ears,” by going to this link (https://bit.ly/2TGTRLU). Or, call him directly at (817) 920-7999.