Federal Laws Hotline

Sep 19, 2011

NNA offers members information about federal laws affecting newspaper businesses.  While we don’t (and can’t) replace your own lawyer, our Business Hotline can help you do several things:

  1. Determine what sort of problem you are facing. Is it state, federal or both? Is it a question of management priorities or truly a legal issue?
  2. Help you find a lawyer if you do not have one.
  3. Provide a general backgrounder on the laws involved so you can decide what you want to do next.

NNA does not form an attorney/client relationship with its members. But it does help publishers, managers, editors and staff get a handle on their problems.

We reach out to a network of veteran publishers, lawyers and other experts to help you.

Here are some things you might ask about:

  • Copyright and trademark
  • Advertising regulations, such as Fair Housing requirements
  • Revocations or other actions on your Periodicals permit
  • General public notice challenges, including the interplay of your circulation and notice eligibility
  • Federal employment rules, such as Wage and Hour regulations, ADA compliance and Equal Employment

What we can’t handle:

          State and federal tax questions: see your accountant, but follow NNA’s coverage in Publishers Auxiliary for news of legislation affecting your tax liability

          Estates, wills and trusts or succession planning. Talk to your lawyer. These are highly individualized issues regulated by state law

          Conflicts between NNA members or issues affecting non-members. Yes, you have to join to use the service.

          Other legal challenges unrelated to publishing

What we DO is write about things you need to know. Follow Pub Aux columns on Postal Tips and Legal Standing, as well as guest columns on matters you need to know.  And make sure your insurance coverage is up to date by contacting Walterry Insurance, an NNA allied partner.

Still not sure what sort of help you need?  Fill out this hotline form and we will get back to you: https://nna.formstack.com/forms/federal_hotline