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All Things Classified

A look at 2023 winning classifieds

Jan 1, 2024

Enjoy a look at the winning classified sections from the National Newspaper Association Foundation's 2023 Better Newspaper Contest: The Taos (New Mexico) News; the Wright County Journal in Mountain ...

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Put a stop to workplace silos

Jan 1, 2024

Abby has a simple suggestion that might be of help: “Talk and listen. Every now and then, some managers like to organize team-building activities, but honestly, I think structured team exercises ...

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Use web statistics/analytics to benefit editorial coverage and sales

Jan 1, 2024

Analytic data is the proof. Data is helpful to show what works and what could be more productive on your website.

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SCS and Bluefin Technology Partners collaborate to enhance Community Advertising System

Aug 16, 2023

This collaboration marks an important milestone as SCS incorporates Bluefin's cutting-edge digital classifieds platform into their Community Advertising System (CAS).

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Don’t hide your online notices!

Jun 1, 2023

Most people don’t know that in Newspaper World, public notices are considered “classifieds,” so they wouldn’t think to look for them there. That’s why your “public notices” ...

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Classifieds ... the good, the bad and increasing sales

Jan 1, 2023

When dealing with a classified ad customer, we’d encourage multiple insertions by giving a price break if the ad ran at least four times. Running 10 times got an even larger discount.

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Who better than the newspaper to salute women and traditions ⁠— even those that are new?

Sep 1, 2022

This paper took the nationwide problem of businesses looking for employees to fill their jobs and turned it into a strong special section featuring 100% advertising, nearly all quarters and half pages. ...

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Just in time for Spring, Bluefin Technology Partners adds new features for pumping up Yard/Garage Sales category

Mar 15, 2022

ANDOVER, Massachusetts — Bluefin Technology Partners LLC, a leading provider of print and digital advertising solutions, has launched new features in their industry-leading digital classifieds solutions ...

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Good times or bad times, great ideas always sell

Jan 12, 2022

Here are the testimonies of several community newspaper publishers from around the country. Yes, there’s some doom and gloom here, but I also see optimism that sales upturns are still out there to ...

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