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On the Record by Jay Dickerson

Jay Dickerson is the advertising manager of The Galena (Illinois) Gazette.

Start talking now to advertisers about HR 7640

If signed in to law, HR 7640: gives taxpayers up to $250 a year in tax credits to pay for their local newspaper subscriptions;  aids salary support for journalists, 50% of salaries in the first ...

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Talk turkey during the holidays

Our editor interviewed local pre-schoolers, getting their take on one of the biggest meals of the year. Last year, the students were even dressed like turkeys. More than a dozen students offered their ...

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Have the 'Audacity' to learn this software

Everybody has a phone on them. Plugging a phone into a car and listening to a podcast can make a long drive go faster. People listen to podcasts when they mow the lawn, work in their office or go for a ...

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Newspapers can tell compelling narratives in a podcast format

The story only gets stranger from there. And The Galena Gazette covered the twists of the case, more than 130 years ago. Most newspapers have stories like this, deep in the archives.

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Three ways to engage customers and reach readers

While this has been a challenge, there’s also a chance for opportunity. There are new ways to engage customers, still make money and help businesses promote their messages in the community.

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A graduation special section might be just what you need

A graduation special section is a great way to reinforce the newspaper’s role in a community. With the possibility of graduation ceremonies throughout the country being canceled, this year stands ...

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Resonate with readers in unique ways

Does your newspaper resonate in your community? Do your subscribers ask you to pull their paper for an office pick-up so they don’t have to wait a day for the mail? Is it obvious — in both ...

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Signature ads help generate new revenue

Newspapers all have theme pages. You know the ones. We run a pizza page during National Pizza Week in October, a Salute to our Servicepeople right before Memorial Day and Trick or Treat signature ads ...

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Show the power of your classifieds with these 3 promotions

A few years ago, a couple of well-intentioned people started a social media page for local sales. Got old children’s clothing to get rid of? Post it to the site. Got exercise equipment that’s ...

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‘Unsung Heroes’ helped Galena promote community volunteerism

Volunteers benefit communities immeasurably. They fight fires. They help the less fortunate. They make history come to life. They free passengers from overturned cars. They help people at the worst moment ...

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Scarecrow offers unlikely reminder of the importance of the design team

Outside the Gazette’s front window is a scarecrow. He’s decked out in an old flannel shirt and is sitting on top of one of my daughter’s old bicycles. The scarecrow holds a newspaper ...

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Enlist an army of eighth-graders to boost your circulation

There’s a load of subscription order forms on my desk, each with a white top sheet and an old-school yellow carbon sheet.  We’re about to put those forms to good use: it’s time ...

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While in Milwaukee, get the flu or broadband

In a time where trust in media is eroding, newspapers need to be ready for almost anything. Here are two projects your paper might be able to implement.

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Reach new customers with the Holiday Book

The days of the Christmas catalog aren’t over. Your paper can empower your advertisers in a way that gets their message in the hands of shoppers.

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Boost your bottom line with these 3 advertising series campaigns

Running an ad series just might be what you need. It requires your ad reps to be forward-thinking and clever, and be willing to pitch several weeks of advertising at a time. It’s also a good way ...

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Creative design generates ‘unskippable’ ads

You can feature those types of ads in your newspaper by offering advertisers a premium placement that helps your bottom line. 

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Generate new revenue by partnering with non-profits for special sections

The result: We reached new advertisers and generated new revenue streams in special sections.

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Gain advertisers and subscribers at business expos

At The Galena Gazette, we partner with the local chamber to reach the hundreds of attendees.  This annual expo provides an opportunity to grow both our advertiser and subscriber base.

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