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Digital discovery with KM

Katelyn Mary Skaggs is the digital marketing manager for Leader Publications, a group of four papers in Festus, Missouri. Skaggs, a Southeast Missouri State University graduate, joined their ranks in January 2019 as a reporter. Email

‘Freebie’ digital ads mean you're turning away profit for your paper

You should be charging a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for all digital advertising on your publication’s website or package deals. Stop giving it away for free; it has a lot of value.

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Grow traffic and branding with digital advertising campaigns

In the world of digital marketing, circulation can be limitless.

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Acronym brief for those getting into digital marketing

I thought reporters had funny names for things, like the morgue, but everyone in the digital marketing space wants to speak in acronyms, so it made my brain spin.

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Make sure advertising clients get holiday deals out to potential customers with email marketing this holiday season

Targeted e-blasts or email marketing — whatever you want to call it — is a good way for clients to deliver deals directly to a new customer’s inbox.

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How to design eye-catching and memorable digital ads

The digital world moves fast, and people scroll at light speed, so the goal is to create ads that make people stop mid-scroll and click.

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Create easily searchable content with SEO headlines

In simple terms, SEO helps your content be discovered easier by search engines, like Google. If the search engines cannot find you, then readers Googling to find a story with answers will also not find ...

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Get started with digital ads

This is an easy way for the newspaper and clients to learn about what digital ads can offer.

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