NE graphic artist creates convention graphic

Feb 16, 2015

Convention theme logo

When National Newspaper Association President John Edgecombe Jr., publisher of the Nebraska Signal, asked one of his graphic designers to develop a graphic for NNA’s 2015 convention, Julie Hayek stepped up to take on the project.

“John said he thought we should do something with (the explorers) Lewis and Clark in it,” Hayek said. From there, it wasn’t long before she came up with the full concept, utilizing a map, a newspaper and silhouettes of the famous explorers. From start to finish, it took her just a couple of hours before the design came together.

The theme for this year’s convention is “Show Me the Future of Newspapers.” From Oct. 1-3, NNA members will meet in St. Charles, MO, at NNA’s 129th Annual Convention and Trade Show.

Hayek started working at the Signal last July, designing the classified pages and helping with special sections among other jobs. Before that, she had also been a graphic designer at the paper in York, NE. She received Honored Graduate for her program from Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE.

Hayek says she’s always liked graphic design, and she enjoys working to create fun and interesting designs.