Newspaper Advertising Research

Delivering results: Making businesses more successful

Community newspapers and their related print and digital products remain the most effective way for businesses and brands to reach their customers and potential customers with offers, information and branding that truly influences buying decisions.

Community newspaper readers read the ads in their newspapers; very nearly half of them say they often go looking for the ads in the newspaper as much as for the news. When’s the last time someone told you they turned on the television to watch the ads? That they turned on the radio to listen to the ads? That they booted up their computer to look at ads? Then ask: How many record TV shows and fast forward through commercials? How many switch the station when bank of radio ads blares at them? How many switch on their pop-up ad blocker?

Common sense should tell you what research has shown: print advertising works. While ad dollars have been moving to the Internet, research of online advertising thus far indicates it has not proven to been effective. It may be trendy, buzz-worthy ... but it’s not delivering results that you get with newspaper advertising.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what community newspaper readers (81 percent of Main Street Americans) say about community newspaper advertising.

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