2016 NNA convention proved beneficial for members and vendors

Apr 12, 2017

By Bill Coady
Walterry Insurance Brokers

As a direct result of the 2016 National Newspaper Association 130th annual convention and trade show, I was able to introduce myself to several newspaper owners. This led to numerous quoting opportunities and new business, which has benefits for the NNA member and one of NNA’s corporate partners.

Walterry Insurance Brokers helped prevent one NNA member from the possibility of a major loss. Walterry was able to increase the property values in their policy to ensure this newspaper company could replace its press if a major disaster takes place. In addition, to the increased values, the company reduced its insurance costs by more than 40 percent. This represented a major savings to a fellow NNA member.

In addition, Walterry worked with another NNA member. This member was in a predicament, because its current carrier was not going to renew the company’s coverage because of recent hailstorm losses and it needed its buildings insured. Walterry’s experience insuring community newspapers allowed the company to reach out to its insurance markets. In the end, the company had two of Walterry’s insurance companies competing for its business. With the purchase of a package policy, it was able to protect its property and general liability exposures. In addition, Walterry helped the company secure a Publishers Liability policy through the NNA risk-purchasing group, saving it hundreds of dollars over the policies available in the open markets.

These represent only a couple of benefits of being an NNA member and attending the NNA convention. If you are in Oklahoma in 2017, be sure to stop by Walterry Insurance Brokers booth and with me to see where I might be able to help you with your insurance matters.

If you are a newspaper vendor and would like more information on the trade show, which will take place in Tulsa, OK, this October, contact Wendy MacDonald at wendy@nna.org or at 913-461-3721.