Vendor e-newsletter to bring the latest info on newspaper products and services

May 3, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, IL—Have you noticed a new e-newsletter in your email in box the last two months? The products and services e-newsletter is a great way for companies who provide solutions to community newspapers to keep National Newspaper Association members informed of new developments that can benefit their businesses.

In the past, Pub Aux has received many news releases with valuable information from companies that are committed to the community newspaper industry, and there just isn’t enough room to print them all in Pub Aux. The e-newsletter was introduced so Pub Aux could share this info with NNA members in a format they can easily scan to find what is relevant to them. It is a quick and easy way for members to find out what’s new.

“The vendor newsletter gives NNA members a new way to learn about products and services that can make a difference for their businesses. As a vendor, it helps get the word out to our friends and partners in the community newspaper market. It’s a win-win,” said Aaron Gillette, marketing director for

“The family paper or independently owned paper can no longer try to do everything. Group publishers use the efficiency of the group to cut cost. Independents have to use the vendor to accomplish efficiencies. The vendor/publisher relationship has evolved over the last 20 years and the vendor is typically not a large company trying to find a mass market for its products and services. The vendor today is typically a small company that was started to help the independent publisher. Today’s trade show is full of start-ups that have a technology or service that can help the smaller publisher, said Thad Swiderski, president of eType Services.

“The products and services newsletter by NNA helps both the independent publisher and the vendor to connect. Not all publishers can attend the trade shows to meet the new breed of vendor; the newsletter can help these publishers keep in touch with the changing vendor landscape.  These vendors are trying to help the community paper continue to prosper. The newsletter is vital for the publisher to keep updated on products and services that can extend their business,” Swiderski added.

The e-newsletter is published once per month on or close to the 15th. It includes news releases, advertisements—and in the most recent issue—classified ads were added, which previously were only included in the print and digital versions of Pub Aux and on the association’s website.

It is hoped that the e-newsletter will evolve over time to into an increasingly valuable tool to NNA members and companies that serve them. Feedback is welcome on what would make it more valuable to you, the member.