Statewide Publishing, Legal Notice Service announce partnership

Jun 12, 2017

Joined forces will combine the best technology and customer service in the industry for law firms and newspapers to process legal notices.

Statewide Publishing, LLC, a leading legal advertising agency, has announced that it is partnering with Legal Notice Service (LNS), an automated public notice fulfillment company.

The partnership will create enhanced, streamlined services for both clients and customers. By combining Statewide Publishing’s client-side technology and expertise with LNS’s focus on technology and innovation for newspapers, the merged business operations can process legal notices faster, more accurately, and for less money than any law firm, local government, or newspaper can do on its own.

“After interacting with each other over the last three years in an ongoing client-vendor relationship, it became impossible to ignore the obvious synergies between our companies,” said Ben Desnoyers, CEO of Statewide Publishing. ”Combining our expertise and technology will not only provide upgraded customer service for our law firm clients and newspaper customers, but will create many operational efficiencies internally.”

Statewide Publishing, LLC, is a legal advertising agency that works with law firms, courts, local governments and more than 300 Illinois newspaper partners. The company enables clients to save time and money by completely outsourcing their laborious legal notice operations. The company set itself apart from older, legacy legal notice agencies by focusing on superior, error-free execution, and by placing notices in newspapers of general circulation; that are easily accessible to the public.

Legal Notice Service (LNS) is a digital ad fulfillment company that utilizes proprietary software to provide legal notice processing for newspapers and advertising agencies across the United States. The automated system saves customers time, money, and increases accuracy. The system provides all-inclusive fulfillment, including: a portal for online submission; uploading and processing notices; automated pricing based on existing rates and specifications; creating, formatting and sending affidavits; generating automated billing files; compilation files for easy pagination; proofing services; and clippings and e-tears.


Ben Desnoyers, the founder and CEO of Statewide Publishing, is a legal advertising veteran with an extensive understanding of traditional, modern and cutting-edge methods for efficiently disseminating and publishing notices and other public communications. His 17 years of experience have made him knowledgeable and skilled in automated systems and innovations to help facilitate paperless courtrooms, e-filing and other process efficiency solutions. He has a thorough understanding of all statutory requirements needed to publish public notices. Ben earned a journalism degree from South Dakota State University.

“This partnership not only make our companies much stronger and effective, but also strengthens our core missions: to help protect public notices in the newspaper industry,” said Desnoyers. “Our experienced team of legal notice experts, and LNS’s technology, focus on compliance with public notice statutes and meticulous proofing. Our superior execution helps keep legal notices where they belong: in community newspapers.”

Brandon Bressner, the founder and CEO of LNS, has been developing his automated system for public notice processing over the last decade. LNS began as an internal system to process notices for his media company, the Legal Record Corporation, a group of seven newspapers in Illinois. In 2014, Bressner made a significant investment into growing LNS and launching the technology as a commercial service for newspapers. Brandon is a graduate of Bradley University.

"I truly believe that this partnership will be better for everyone involved, through efficiencies, distribution and quality," said Brandon Bressner, CEO of LNS. "After LNS integrated with Statewide’s system, we realized how much better both companies would be if we partnered not only in technology, but with our people as well. It made perfect sense."

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