AdWorks® 5.5- Media Management Simpler & Faster

Jun 14, 2017

News-Net Inc.® recently released its latest version of AdWorks® 5.5, an advertising management software in one complete system. AdWorks® has ad scheduling, billing, live reporting, messaging and other available in one software solution which allows employees to focus on closing business.

“AdWorks® is helpful for the entire ad-booking process, from creating an ad to the final invoice billing…it’s a solution perfect for daily, weekly and monthly publications,” said Melissa, Business Analyst at News-Net Inc.® “AdWorks® is also a great resource for larger newspaper teams that need to share information quickly and retrieve information for fast delivery.”

AdWorks® allows you to customize your own publications, groupings, zones and issue scheduling. You can define everything from customer ad types to open rates. If there is something in the comprehensive AdWorks® solution that you need for your specific business, News-Net Inc.® is ready to help. 

“We built our product with our customers in mind… we listened to what their needs were and we made AdWorks® 5.5 the most powerful solution available for newspapers and publications,” said Andrew Stolarz, CIO at News-Net Inc.®

Contact Melissa Stolarz at to learn more about AdWorks® ad management software and MediaCRM tools. @newsnetinc