Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh) selects Layout-8000™ and SCS/ClassPag™ from Software Consulting Services, LLC

Jul 12, 2017

Nazareth, PA (July 11, 2017) – Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh) selects Layout-8000™ and SCS/ClassPag™ from Software Consulting Services, LLC

SCS is proud to announce that the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Western Pennsylvania's largest newspaper, has selected Layout-8000™ for ad dummying and SCS/ClassPag™ for classified pagination. These SCS applications will interface with the Lineup advertising system (retail and classified) and provide the middleware and the production back-ends to this advertising system. 

Other selected SCS applications are InLay™ to automatically build InDesign® pages from the Layout-8000 dummies and SQLAdBoss™ to provide a comprehensive data base for reporting from the Layout-8000 history. 

Together with, The Post-Gazette reaches a combined audience of over one million readers a week. 

The predecessor of Layout-8000, Layout-80® (developed at the ANPA/RI) was installed at the Post-Gazette in 1980. Richard Cichelli, the Research Director at ANPA at the time, says, “We wrote an ad order entry and scheduling system for them in just under 4 weeks because they did not have one.” 

Layout-80 was built and installed on a PDP 11/70 running the RSTS operating system.  Heavily overlayed, it more than filled the 56KB that the machine supported. Cichelli designed Layout-80 and John McGrath and Kevin Wiener wrote the 28,000 lines of code that implemented it., Layout-80 soon became the first widely deployed automated newspaper dummying system. Layout-8000 will be deployed on Intel NUCs under Linux. There are now over three million lines of code in Layout-8000, reflecting 37 years of continuous improvements. 

We at SCS are very happy to welcome the Post-Gazette folks back as Layout-8000 users. 

About SCS:SCS is a 40 year old independent software developer and value added reseller primarily serving the newspaper business. SCS customers are newspapers, newspaper groups and other businesses with publishing automation needs. While best known for its ad dummying software, Layout-8000™, SCS offers an extensive line of publishing related applications. More than 300 sites producing over 1,000 publications in 18 countries in five languages use SCS mission critical software every day. SCS is privately held by Richard and Martha Cichelli.