Stay vigilant with your representatives about ad tax bill

Nov 2, 2017

Dear NNA Member,

We have pounded the halls of Congress and you have kept the telephones busy as we watch for Congress to impose a tax on advertising by changing the way business expenses are claimed by your customers.

I am pleased that the initial draft, HR 1, does NOT touch advertising.

But I want you to be vigilant, as we will be in Washington. This legislation is at a starting point only. More will come, and some big ticket items (like our advertising) can creep in with little notice.

NNA is working with News Media Alliance to provide you with a set of house ads to help in this fight. To get to the ads, go here.

Please consider running one of them in your NEXT issue and continue until we know we are out of the woods. The House expects this bill to be on the floor within 2 weeks. I appreciate all you do for our industry.
                  Susan Rowell
                  NNA President and Publisher
                  Lancaster (SC) News