CrossTech Communications Installs New Versafire CV to Expand Web-to-Print Business

Jan 16, 2018

Kennesaw, Ga. December 19, 2017 – CrossTech Communications plans to increase their revenue by 20 percent with the new addition of the Versafire CV digital press from Heidelberg.

Versafire Helps Meet Customers’ Needs

CrossTech Communications of Chicago, Illinois recently added the Versafire CV 5 color digital press from Heidelberg to run alongside their Speedmaster SM 74. Printing at 90 pages per minute, the Versafire CV is the best option for CrossTech to meet the quick turnaround needs of their customers.

“When a customer calls me in the morning, we want to exceed expectations,” said Andy McPherson, President of CrossTech Communications. “With high demands being asked of us, the Versafire was perfect. It helps us get things out as scheduled or even ahead of schedule.”

Thanks to the innovative laser technology, the Versafire CV delivers razor-sharp, high-resolution images and creates consistent sheet to sheet and color registration— printing impeccable quality jobs. The banner feeder on the digital press allows Crosstech to print sheets up to 27.5” in length.

“The Versafire CV is a great complement to our other digital devices, which can be finicky with some substrates,” said McPherson. “On paper, the Versafire CV appears to have very similar capabilities to other digital devices, but the unique strengths of each device work very well together and allow us to meet a much broader spectrum of our clients’ needs.”

Customers Have More Options

Offering impressive functions such as its ability to print five colors including white, clear varnish, or fluorescent neon yellow and pink, CrossTech Communications is now able to give their customers more options.

“While we’re excited to use all the new functions the Versafire offers, we’re really excited to expand our Web-to-Print business with it,” said McPherson. “We see this digital press playing a huge role in that growth. The Versafire allows us to continue to grow as a robust supplier to our other clients.”

Thanks to Heidelberg’s SystemService team, CrossTech was able to have an efficient and easy installation process, while they were also expertly trained on how to use the Versafire.

“We are really happy with the SystemService team and how easy it was for them to install the Versafire,” said McPherson. “They did a great job training, so our operators understood the press quickly.”

About Crosstech Communications

Founded in 1981, CrossTech strives to surpass clients’ expectations by pairing state-of-the-art solutions with exceptional customer service. Located in Chicago, Illinois, they are suppliers of high-quality printing and graphics related services to the graphic design, corporate, advertising, association and trade show communities.


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