Paxton named to MTAC

Feb 12, 2018

WASHINGTON—In January, National Newspaper Association President Susan Rowell, publisher of the Lancaster (SC) News, announced the appointment of Matthew Paxton IV to the national Mailers Technical Advisory Committee at the U.S. Postal Service.
Paxton is immediate past president of NNA. He currently co-chairs the Government Relations Committee. He grew up in a newspaper family and represents the fourth generation involved in his family’s paper, having worked for many years in the advertising and marketing departments before rising to the publisher’s seat. He is also a long-time member of the NNA Postal Committee.
MTAC was established by the Postal Service in 1965 and was codified in the Postal Reform Act of 1970, which mandated an industry advisory group for the new USPS. It comprises national associations whose member companies are active mailers or who participate in the supply chain of the mailing industry. It meets quarterly in Washington. NNA’s other representatives are Max Heath, chair of the NNA Postal Committee, and Brad Hill, president of Interlink Inc.
Rowell said: “MTAC is where our first point of contact begins with almost everything postal. It is where we engage with senior managers at the Postal Service on problem solving, industry and postal changes and training needs. Working with USPS at that level, particularly as guided by Max Heath’s three decades of experience, is how we see concrete results month to month and year to year in solving publishers’ postal problems in this challenging era. Paxton’s hands-on printing and mailing experience, along with his keen sense of how markets work, will elevate our work and help us continue to serve members effectively. This is a volunteer position that can consume many hours. The industry is fortunate to secure his commitment to serve.”