Classifieds done right!

Feb 16, 2018

Creative Circle and the Newspaper Manager join forces to launch an innovative and affordable classified ad production suite for print and digital media.


In an effort to help publishers generate more profit from classified ads, The Newspaper Manager, a leading publishing CRM developed by Mirabel Technologies, and Creative Circle Media Solutions, one of the newspaper industry’s top web development firms, teamed up to create an efficient new solution for classified ad management.


Building upon the Newspaper Manager’s publishing CRM, which is utilized by thousands of media properties, this new integration creates a unified and simplified print and web workflow by adding Creative Circle’s award-winning QuickAds web advertising system.


Web order entry capabilities are provided by QuickAds with its user-friendly user interface. QuickAds also provides online classified display with a range of innovative, value-added displays, featuring maps, featured ads, PDFs, photo galleries, video and more. 


“This pairing creates a proven and affordable option for any publication hoping to grow their classified business in 2018,” said Bill Ostendorf, president and founder of Creative Circle. 


“By simplifying what used to be a tedious sales, production and billing workflow, classified ads can now become a more profitable revenue stream for publishers,” said Greg Booras, national sales manager for The Newspaper Manager at Mirabel Technologies.


While publishers have always had the ability to book, invoice, and even reconcile payments within The Newspaper Manager CRM, the newly enhanced classified ad management features stemming from the QuickAds integration will help publishers accomplish even more. Now using the same application, publishers will have the flexibility to easily modify the display of their online classifieds. Plus, with the Newspaper Manager, ads can be organized in classification templates and then exported as .xml files directly into Adobe InDesign. 


“No publisher should have to settle for an inadequate web portal or tedious production workflow,” said Ostendorf. “If you don’t have a classified system now, this solution can provide an affordable option. And if you have an existing legacy platform, the Mirabel-Creative Circle solution should be able to reduce your costs and grow your revenue.”


Creative Circle also offers classified consulting and print classified redesign services. “We believe classified advertising can be the next big thing for publishers,” says Ostendorf. "If you are willing to take a fresh look at classifieds as the amazing ad type it can be, there are lots of opportunities to enter new categories and grow revenue.”


“We’re excited to help publishers succeed with tools that are both powerful and affordable. We’ve worked hard to fluidly integrate both systems into one powerful package,” said Booras.


Both the Newspaper Manager and Creative Circle will be exhibiting at the upcoming Key Executives Mega-Conference. Publishers and ad directors can contact either company to schedule a demo.

About the Newspaper Manager

The Newspaper Manager is a product of Mirabel Technologies, an international software company that empowers businesses to grow. Its flagship product, The Magazine Manager, was the first web-based CRM for publishers and now serves more 15,000 publications worldwide. Since then, several other products followed suit including The Newspaper Manager, Digital Studio, and now its newest, most advanced platform, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager.


Mirabel Technologies ( is based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


To schedule a demo, please contact Greg Booras at, 706-750-0016.

About Creative Circle

Creative Circle’s first product was an online classified portal. It now offers a full line of web and print production software, including a dynamic web CMS, several online revenue platforms, the industry’s most flexible paywall and a cost-effective print production CMS.

For more than 30 years, Creative Circle has been one of the newspaper industry's most active consulting, training and design firms. Creative Circle has led the redesign and re-engineering of more than 650 print publications, has designed and built more than 350 media-related web sites and has led training in 23 countries.

Creative Circle launched its software division in 2004 and quickly became the source of numerous industry innovations: It built the first media web CMS offering an integrated pay wall, user-contributed content, reverse publishing, hyper-local zoning and flexible page and story templates that better reflect the news.

Creative Circle Media Solutions ( is based in East Providence, R.I.


To schedule a demo, contact Bill Ostendorf,, 401-455-1555, or Sean Finch, VP/Sales,, 309-269-7834.