Metro introduces Of the Day or Week programs

Mar 14, 2018

Here at Metro, we're continually developing new moneymaking ideas and highlighting them via email and on MCC. Here's one more, designed to help you secure ongoing campaign sales from a variety of advertisers:

Create community and advertiser engagement around daily and weekly recognition themes using headings and ads designed for Athlete of the Day (or Week), Business of the Day (or Week) and Photo of the Day (or Week). Use these topics to form a prospect list, and sell them to one or more advertisers to create long-term campaigns.

Athlete of the Day/Week

Partner with schools for campaign nominees. Sporting goods stores are a natural fit for sponsorship, but you can also prospect any businesses that offer financial support for local sports teams or advertisers like pizza or ice cream shops and family restaurants offering game-day specials.

Business of the Day/Week

Your local chapters of the Chamber of Commerce, business improvement districts, Optimist Clubs or labor unions can help you prospect sponsors for this ongoing promotion. You can also drop the Metro-supplied spec ad into the center of a "Shop Local" page and sell directory-style space around it. In exchange for longer run buys, offer sponsoring businesses premium exposure in the rotating center ad spot.

Photo of the Day/Week

Camera and electronics stores have an obvious connection to this theme, but just about any business can benefit from exposure alongside this attention-grabbing feature. You may want to position rotating sponsors based on the photos themselves. For example, if you plan on naming spring flower photos for the Photo of the Day/Week, a garden center sponsor makes sense. Likewise, a pet supply store can sponsor pet shots, furniture and maternity stores can sponsor baby pics, etc.

Going Social

These "... of the week" or "... of the day" themes also lend themselves to online and social media promotions. Use them on your own website and/or social media, or tie them to promotions for individual advertisers. For instance, mention Photo of the Day/Week promotions in a bar/restaurant's ads. Photos taken by patrons can be published to Instagram accounts and winning photos with the appropriate hashtags can earn participants free drinks or appetizers.

Project of the Week

Project: Of the Day-Week Promos
Instantly access ready-to-use spec ads, photos, illustrations, headings, contests and ideas to get started by clicking here or by selecting the Project named "Of the Day-Week Promos" from the Project list in the MCC Creative Library.

If you find this idea works well for you, expand on it to include Musician (or Artist) of the Week, Student of the Week, Cashier of the Week, Teacher of the Week, Volunteer of the Week, Bartender of the Week, Real Estate Agent of the Week, etc. If you'd like a heading similar to the ones we've supplied for your own theme, contact our Client Services Team to request custom art!