Olive Software announces release of new e-Edition ODN 2.0

Apr 16, 2018

A complete overhaul bursting with new features for readers and publishers

Aurora, CO— April 11th, 2018— Olive Software - the leading provider of cross media ePublishing products – announces the upgraded release of ODN (Olive Dynamic Newsstand) 2.0. Olive Dynamic Newsstand 2.0 goes far beyond a digital print replica. It has many powerful features to enrich the reader’s experience while providing newspaper publishers with a wide variety of new monetization and revenue opportunities. 

“This product starts a new era of digital newspaper editions,” states Yoni Stern, Founder and President, Technology, at Olive. “We have listened to our newspaper customers and the market, and worked hard on providing this new live and dynamic digital application that will transform newspaper content in a way that has previously not been possible.”

New Monetization and Revenue Stream Opportunities for Publishers

ODN is providing publishers useful tools to increase subscribers KPIs and advertising revenues. It also allows publishers to take control of their e-Edition like never before. Digital Advertising, Subscription Management & Paywall and Digital Archive are all features that will enhance monetization opportunities and will transform readers into long-term subscribers. Furthermore, ODN 2.0 is fully customizable to reflect the newspaper’s brand(s) and to enhanced their market presence. Powerful analytics allow publishers to understand reader behavior and preferences to maximize content and advertising.

Going beyond static replicas of the print edition

ODN transforms the print edition into live and engaging premium digital content by displaying live story updates, more breaking news, video and image galleries, interactive content such as live crosswords, and more. Yet it is organized in the same page-by-page format readers are familiar with. The goal was to make the e-Edition more engaging and bridge the gap between web, social and print. This way readers have access to more breaking and in-depth news and detailed information flow without leaving the publisher’s content environment.


About Olive
Olive is the leader in cross media e-Publishing solutions serving hundreds of media companies and organizations in nineteen countries. For the past 17 years, our mission has always been to provide publishers with innovative solutions that maximize reader satisfaction and transform digital editions from cost center to profit centers.