Hooble™ Launches A Talent Pool Platform; Rethinks The Job Seeking Process

Apr 16, 2018

Darien, CT— Everyone knows that looking for a job can be a challenging experience. It all starts with the search; combing the online job boards, exploring options with recruiters and networking as best you can to know all available options.  But are you making connections with employers?  Are your applications reaching the appropriate hiring parties? Are you really applying to the best opportunities available? Better said, are you marketing your talent in the most optimal manner? If your answer is no, why not consider the newest candidate marketing alternative, Hooble™.


Today, www.Hooble.com has launched an exciting candidate platform that will change the recruitment experience for both applicants and employers, while addressing the two fundamental challenges for candidates; accessibility and transparency.  Hooble is a talent pool and has just introduced a major shift from candidate job seeking to employer talent sourcing, giving candidates a prominent venue for accessibility. No, Hooble is not another job board; rather it’s a fully dynamic, interactive, user-friendly candidate board that employers will use to access and discover great talent. The experience will be “engaging” and transparent.  


Today’s job seekers want something more exciting when it comes to competing for limited job openings.  They want to be in an accessible environment where employers can directly source their skills and expertise. They want to be tapped, considered and courted for the best job possible. No more games, no more dead-end applications, no more searching job boards, no more waiting to hear back. Direct access and communication, one to one! Boom!


Beginning today, candidates can create a great, thoughtful, compelling and confidential profile.  The profile will showcase both personal and professional skills, and identify their unique qualifications, more so than the traditional resume and cover letter. Profiles are complete with technical experience highlights, soft skill assessments, professional examples, video introductions and a marketing summary, setting their brand apart from the competition. With this grand profile, candidates will be on the receiving end of some great opportunities!  And since Hooble knows that candidates want more transparency, Hooble also offers a proprietary communication portal, which allows both candidates and hiring parties to communicate and share transparent information about hiring status, interest assessment, competitive landscape, and “fit” perspective, to name a few.


Hooble is offering all candidates free registration at this time.  Visit us at www.hooble.com and great opportunities will be coming your way very soon.  As an added bonus, publish your profile within the next 30 days and you will be entered to win a $250 Apple Gift Card.  


Hooble Holdings LLC, 30 Kings Highway South, Darien, CT;

1-844-GO-HOOBLE or visit the website at www.hooble.com.


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