Site Impact releases email database with Enhanced Automotive Data

Apr 16, 2018

 (Coconut Creek Florida, FL)  April 10, 2018 - Site Impact is pleased to announce they have added Enhanced Automotive Data to its turnkey email database. The automotive email data is now available to local media companies using its white label platform. 

With this new development, resellers will now be able to offer hyper-targeted email to automotive dealers located their area. Site Impact’s vehicle database, which carries over 154 million records on consumer car purchasing history, is now also searchable by Make/Model, Purchase Type, Class, Fuel Type or year purchased. 

An ‘Auto Intender’ feature provides records of individuals who are actively looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. Any of these factors can be extrapolated to build a mailing list of car owners of a brand, competitive brands and other preferences based on purchase history. 

Site Impact’s Email Marketing services powers newspapers and marketers as a Private Label Email Data & Technology solution for more than 10 years. Site Impact’s comprehensive database is comprised of a total of 140 million plus opt-in and double opt-in emails with rich local data that allows for geo-targeted, hyper-local email marketing. 

Overall targeting segments include age, gender, geo, HHI, and levels of interest and more than 300 other lifestyle and interest selections. 

"You can sell an auto dealership’s ad agency or even the auto dealership themselves an email marketing program covering a specific zip code, gender, income level and interest,” said Brandon Rosen, CEO. “It is really remarkable the targeting possibilities within our database. The biggest hurdle for advertisers and marketers to understand is that email is not going anywhere. It is only becoming more refined and evolving with technology.”

The business model is wholesale pricing, with custom-branding opportunities, API’s and integrations available. Through Site Impact’s Private Label Email Marketing platforms, they guarantee higher click through rates, real-time reporting and a high level of customer service.  

SMB´s who use email marketing say that Email Marketing is the most important marketing tool for strategically reaching targeted audiences and building your customer base, according to a soon to be release study by Borrell & Associates.

According to MediaPost, 50% of small businesses increased use of email marketing in 2017.

For more information about Private Label Email Marketing call Brandon Rosen, Site Impact CEO directly at 561-685-8991 or email (