Comintelli and Newscycle Announce Partnership Agreement for NewsEdge Content-as-a-Service

May 14, 2018

London, UK - 23 April 2018 - NEWSCYCLE Solutions, developer of the industry-leading NewsEdge content syndication platform, today signed a strategic partnership agreement with Comintelli, a Swedish software company that provides enterprise solutions for competitive intelligence, market insights and knowledge management.

Under the terms of the agreement, Comintelli will integrate and deliver NewsEdge content within its award-winning Intelligence2day® platform. Intelligence2day® is an insight engine that automatically connects information sources with information users via designable dashboards. By enabling knowledge workers to make faster decisions based on quality, credible and current content, the Intelligence2day® platform allows users to spend more time analyzing – and less time searching for -- important information.

“We looked at all the main content providers before deciding on NewsEdge as the best match for providing web-based content for market and competitive intelligence,” said Comintelli CEO, Jesper Martell. “In these days of information overload and fake news, it is more important than ever that articles are quality-checked and tagged into topics. The combination of NewsEdge with our automatic categorization and indexing solves this by providing customers with highly filtered and relevant articles in a single solution.”

“The Comintelli partnership will enable us to meet one of our key objectives of extending the global footprint for NewsEdge content services,” said Brad Scher, President of the NewsEdge (formerly Acquire Media) business at NEWSCYCLE Solutions. “The Intelligence2day® platform is recognized as one of the world’s leading market and competitive intelligence software platforms, and we look forward to working with Comintelli to provide richly tagged and organized content that helps customers dramatically decrease the amount of time and money spent on finding information.”

About Comintelli
Comintelli is a Swedish software company that sells Intelligence2day®, a cloud-based intelligence platform designed to convert unstructured big data content into organized, digestible information for decision-making. Founded in 1999 and based in Kista, Sweden, Comintelli has extensive intelligence experience and continues to develop user-friendly solutions that shorten time-to-insights. Please visit or for more information.

About NewsEdge
NewsEdge, a division of NEWSCYCLE Solutions, is an advanced technology company devoted to delivering breaking news and multimedia in formats that make content usable and searchable for business professionals in need of reliable information. NewsEdge has clients in the digital publishing and financial services communities who depend on speedy delivery, cutting-edge technology, reliable 24x7 support, and an ability to handle multiple formats. A variety of delivery options are available for content from thousands of news sources. More than half-a-million news articles daily are aggregated and optimized in near-real time to provide valuable insights and intelligence to business leaders throughout the world.

About NEWSCYCLE Solutions
Newscycle is the leading provider of software and services powering the global media industry. Our content management, advertising management, subscription management and mobile solutions help companies drive profitability and accelerate digital business models. With headquarters in Bloomington, MN and regional offices throughout the world, NEWSCYCLE Solutions a trusted partner serving over 10,000 news media, broadcast, magazine, financial services and corporate clients. Please visit for more information or write to us at

Media Contact:
Peter Marsh
VP Marketing

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