The Post and Courier sees multitude of benefits with Olive Digital E-Edition

Jun 15, 2018

Increased revenue, traffic and advertiser satisfaction


Aurora, CO— May 24, 2018 — The Post and Courier in Charleston S.C., the largest newspaper in South Carolina, recently switched their digital edition newspaper product to Olive Software ODN - dynamic e-edition. As part of The Post and Courier overall digital strategy, the newspaper wanted to advance and enrich their readers’ digital experience and considerably grow their digital subscriber base and traffic.

A product that works for readers’ specific needs

The Post and Courier audience is mainly of a more mature age group hence the need for a familiar look yet with new features that make the digital product easier to use and more engaging to come back to. Olive’s team worked closely with The Post and Courier to customize the digital edition so their readers would enjoy the familiar print replica look yet benefit from the new features and viewing options while still being easy to use.


Platform is basically paying for itself

The previous e-edition platform didn’t provide much advertising opportunities and the newspaper didn’t run that many ads because of it. With the new Olive e-edition and programmatic ad position platform, The Post and Courier can now run a multitude of strategically placed advertisements and as Kurt Knapek, Director of Audience and Digital Media, states: “The Olive platform is paying for itself and we have a lot of different ad opportunities”. Those opportunities such as inserts and one page options are driving revenue up not only for the newspaper but for their advertising clients as well – a win-win situation.


Traffic shows considerable improvement

Another key benefit coming from using the Olive e-edition platform ODN is the increase in traffic and page views. As Kurt Knapek states: “Traffic went up considerably”. He also hears positive feedback from his sales team as now tracking of consumer activities is possible and his sales team can now show the increased numbers and detailed reader behavior to potential and existing advertising clients.


A Partnership beyond vendor – client connection

According to The Post and Courier, the launch of the new digital e-edition went very smooth and without any issues. Thanks to Olive’s sales team and support from their customer service team, the set-up process was made very simple and there were “no big surprises”. Onsite training for The Post and Courier customer service team ensured a good understanding of the modernized e-edition. Most importantly, the newspaper didn’t get any call from upset or frustrated readers.

Because of this satisfactory and successful launch, The Post and Courier is soon launching their sister paper ‘Aiken Standard’ - also a daily paper - on the Olive e-edition platform as well.




About The Post and Courier

The Post and Courier, the South's oldest daily newspaper, traces its roots to The Courier, founded in 1803, and The Evening Post, founded in 1894. In 1926, the two newspapers were drawn closer together when The Courier was purchased by The Evening Post Industries Company. In 1991 the two papers were merged to become The Post and Courier. The newspaper is now published by The Post and Courier, Inc.


About Olive

Olive is the leader in cross media e-Publishing solutions serving hundreds of media companies and organizations in nineteen countries. For the past 17 years, our mission has always been to provide publishers with innovative solutions that maximize reader satisfaction and transform digital editions from cost center to profit centers.


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