iPublish hires another top software sales executive

Jun 15, 2018

Westborough, MA, May 1, 2018 – iPublish Media, the leader in self-serve advertising for newspapers and other local media, announced that Malcolm McGrory joined the company as Senior Vice President of Sales.

McGrory has a deep background in the software industry. A leader in enterprise sales for KnowledgeVision, PageSuite, Atex and Newscycle, McGrory is also the founder of Hyphen, Inc. and Cascade Systems. He has sold and deployed media platforms in United States, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America.

“Malcolm McGrory is an entrepreneur who has a deep understanding of how media companies use software to empower sales,” said iPublish Media Co-founder Brian Gorman.

“He brings wide experience to our company as our product lines expand to meet the rising demand for omni-channel DIY solutions.”

McGrory will be working with our sales and development teams, media partners and new technology partners to deepen relationships and acquire new ones as we develop exciting new product lines for media in the vanguard of self-serve advertising sales.”

“iPublish provides a platform that is essential to the future of the SMB advertising model,” said McGrory. “The company has an amazing team who are truly strategic partners to their media customers.

“The ability for SMB’s to buy bundles of ads, video, and social in a few clicks is a game changer that everyone understands,” he said.

“Almost 80% of SMB´s do their own marketing without ever seeing a sales rep or agency. DIY programs open huge new markets unavailable to a direct sales approach.”

iPublish Media, the industry leader in self-serve advertising, works with hundreds of media companies to process $200 million in DIY advertising transactions annually. Their self-serve advertising platform allows advertisers to create and buy both print and digital advertising campaigns from any device for any vertical on any platform.

About iPublish Media: 

iPublish Media is the industry leader in self-serve advertising.  We currently work with hundreds of media companies every day to process thousands of advertising campaigns. Our self-serve advertising platform enables media companies to extend their reach by allowing advertisers to create and buy both print and digital advertising campaigns from any device for any vertical on any platform.  We help media companies grow revenue and lower costs by providing an easy to use self-serve platform that provides the performance and versatility to attract new advertisers and find ones that a direct sales approach cannot.

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