Target Marketing unveils Brand United

Jun 15, 2018

On behalf of Target Marketing, I am pleased to introduce our community to BRAND United, our new sister brand. BRAND United serves as a resource to educate brand owners and marketers on the omnichannel strategies and innovative technologies that can be implemented at each stage of the customer journey to create a united brand experience.

Modern marketers are inundated with tools and channels to reach new audiences in new ways — as consumers are overwhelmed with messaging to the point of oversaturation. Now more than ever, it is imperative brands take a unified approach at each stage of the customer journey.

BRAND United guides marketers through this challenging task by taking a deep dive into each experience touchpoint; from discovery and first communication through to packaging, support and beyond. BRAND United will help organizations create a cohesive, engaging and united customer experience across multiple channels.

How will BRAND United do this? Brand United offers a multitude of real-life case studies, research and practical tips that are comprised of data-driven insights from organizations that have successfully implemented the technologies and strategies that are moving the industry forward.

We ask that you take a peek around the site here:

The site will be regularly updated with valuable content to propel your marketing strategy and help your organization work toward creating a unified brand experience.