Tecnavia announces new digital ad network

Jul 13, 2018

Tecnavia announced the Tecnavia Ad Network (TAN), a new service exclusively for Tecnavia clients. Developed with leading digital advertising exchanges, TAN provides publishers with select digital ads for placement in their Tecnavia print replica eEditions and 2-in-One Total Media Apps. TAN is an opportunity for publishers to generate ad revenue without adding additional ad sales or marketing resources by simply taking advantage of ad impressions already available.

“TAN supplies curated, quality national and regional display advertisements to run in the various digital ad positions
available in Tecnavia’s eEdition and Total Media Apps,” said Diane Amato, VP of Sales at Tecnavia. “Publishers may
combine locally sold ads with TAN ads for flexibility and maximize impressions. Tecnavia’s network targets higherlevel
news reader demographics to maintain an excellent reader experience. Rates paid to publishers from TAN are
more than competitive, and benefit from the scale of Tecnavia’s client base of some 2000 publications. It’s
something our clients can simply plug in and start generating revenue using a network that would be difficult for
them to develop on their own,” said Amato.
“eEdition and App ad impressions represent a significant revenue opportunity that is often overlooked. Analytics
from our clients show that daily eEdition sessions run from 15-20 minutes or longer depending on publication page
counts. Apps with live news, multi-media and push notifications encourage return visits to read story updates. Even
just browsing, readers generate a considerable number of pageviews and, with it, many potential ad impressions
from one or multiple ad locations. The Tecnavia ad network lets clients passively earn revenue from these valuable
ad impressions,” said Amato.
TAN is running now at pilot publications to help establish best practices and business models in a real-world
environment. General availability for Tecnavia clients is expected in late Q3/2018.
About Tecnavia
Tecnavia has over 20 years’ experience in e-publishing and was a pioneer in the concept of digital print editions.
Today, Tecnavia manages over 2,000 titles and processes over 8 million pages per year. Services now include Total
Media Apps for live news, eEditions, website meters, digital archives, eTearsheets and the new Tecnavia Ad
Network. We aim to continue offering high-performance, innovative and cost-effective solutions relying on hard
work, bright ideas, and continuous research and development.
Diane Amato, VP Sales
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