Newsquest implements Easybuild 2 for automated Ad Makeup

Jul 13, 2018

The solution automates in-house Ad Make-Up of digital recruitment adverts

July 2018 – Miles 33 and Wave 2 are pleased to announce that Newsquest Media Group, a Gannett company and one of the largest regional media companies in the UK, has implemented EasyBuild 2 for the automated production of some of their digital advertising materials on Newsquest’s regional sites.

EasyBuild is set up as a centralised web service, providing each of the Newsquest websites with the ability to automate ad production. The EasyBuild application provides a WYSIWYG User Interface that lets Newsquest staff interact with the service dynamically and a large number of digital ads are produced this way.

EasyBuild uses standard technology, such as HTML5, Adobe’s Publishing Suite and Google Web Designer to create these ads.

Staff start the process by selecting a design template which then guides the user through the process of providing the required information, such as text, images and logos.  The templates offer “smart” tools that can control how images are cropped, or where on the layout they are placed. As a result, no direct design skills are required, yet the result is always a professional looking ad, produced to the exacting standards and quality that Newsquest’s digital titles demand.

EasyBuild 2 is capable of building any kind of digital ad such as an MPU, a SkyScraper or Banner ad, not just for websites, but also for mobile devices thanks to the HTML 5 capabilities. These HTML 5 formatted ads can be served up to any size screen, be it a smart-phone, tablet, website or other device.

These ads are all produced automatically based on the information that the user enters or uploads, dramatically reducing the time spent on ad creation. This represents  a significant increase in efficiency, without affecting creativity.

EasyBuild 2 can even create multiple versions of each ad simultaneously, ensuring a fully automated production process for each of the ad’s version or location on the website or mobile device. A single invoice is created however, regardless how many websites or devices the ads appear in.

About Newsquest

Newsquest Media Group, a Gannett company, is one of the largest regional media companies in the UK with over 200 local news brands and magazines and an online audience of almost 30 million per month. Newsquest also operates a large recruitment business across all of the UK through a multitude of regional websites. Each website is branded with the regional code followed by the “” domain. Examples include: for Scotland, for the South Eastern region of the UK. Combined, these sites manage thousands of recruitment ads per month.

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