More than 8,000 articles available free to NNA members

Aug 14, 2018

The National Newspaper Association announced an exclusive partnership with leading consumer publisher Bottom Line Inc. (, publishers of Bottom Line Personal, Bottom Line Health and Through this special arrangement, member newspapers will have access to Bottom Line’s respected, accurate content for use in print and on-line editions of NNA members’ publications.
There is no charge for the use of content. The only thing members will need to do is to include proper citation and credit to Bottom Line in print and proper linking to online articles.
Since 1972, Bottom Line has provided easy-to-read, useful, expert-sourced advice for living healthier, wealthier and happier to millions of readers through its publications, e-letters and website. Bottom Line has a uniquely close relationship with the experts interviewed for its articles—a relationship that goes well beyond the standard media interactions—so you can trust that Bottom Line’s information is accurate and unique.
Browse the Health, Life and Money sections at the website for articles that will be of interest to your readers. Some recently published articles include:

• Is Your Medicine Making You Suicidal?
• The 8 Home Smells That Could Be Signs of Danger
• How to Be a Better Bowler in Minutes
• Car Maintenance You Don’t Need—Including Most Every Kind of “Flush”
• Best Credit Cards for 2018

You can reprint anything at at no cost. You simply need to include the proper citations and credit to Bottom Line in print and proper linking for on-line articles.
For more information go to:
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