Muller Martini’s Vareo Perfect Binder is Supporting a Company’s Growth in the Digital Marketplace

Aug 14, 2018

In 2016, growth in its digital business gave the long-established German company, Walter Digital, the confidence it needed to focus its business on new technology. This decision also demanded new and innovative finishing solutions.

That’s a key reason why the company acquired Muller Martini’s Vareo perfect binder in July 2017. Because of the Vareo’s flexibility and ability to customize—critical features considering the broad range of print runs that can be anywhere from a few copies to several thousand—the Vareo has the potential to substantially increase the company’s production of perfect bound products.

“Our experience has been incredibly good,” says Mazlum Dülger, the Post-Press Technical Manager at Walter Digital. Speaking about the machine’s key advantages, Dülger cites its quick size and job changeovers, minimal cleaning requirements, sophisticated technical features such as the book vibration device and the nozzle glue application system, and the process-integrated three-knife trimmer.

A digital sheet-fed printer and a roll-fed system help complete the line, which serves some 40 customers daily. As a traditional partner to a variety of companies, including automakers, mail order companies and retailers, Walter Digital aims to create an increasingly direct link with end customers by offering logistic services, such as greeting cards. And, in the spirit of innovation, it is also testing personalization options including adding a customized cover to the brochure of a mail order company which features products tailored to the recipient.