Political Email Marketing Expected to Break Records in 2018, According to Site Impact

Oct 15, 2018

According to a study by Borrell Associates Inc. conducted earlier this month, digital advertising, which includes Email Marketing, spend for political campaigns will increase dramatically for 2018 campaigns, eclipsing previous years spend and setting new records. The study shows that digital ad spend is set to go up to $1.8 billion, beating out cable, radio, newspapers, and telemarketing, among other categories. In fact, the only category that will beat digital ads in the budgets of politicians this year is broadcast TV, with $3.5 billion in spend. As Email Marketing experts of Site Impact, this is exciting news, and further proof that the best way to reach people is, increasingly, email marketing.


“It’s no surprise that political campaign managers consider Email Marketing an important vehicle for generating campaign donations and ultimately votes as well as keeping the public informed on candidate platforms,” explains Site Impact CEO, Brandon Rosen. “It’s become the preferred advertising channel of all consumers.”


Email has 20% of digital ad spend, meaning that a large chunk of the $1.8 billion being spent will be on emails; which is not entirely new. Email Marketing has been heating up since the presidential elections in 2008 and 2012, reaching their previous peak in 2016 and the embattled election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


According to Site Impact, what this says about the future of digital advertising and email marketing is big: while broadcast TV is still getting the bulk of advertising dollars from political campaigns, there is no other category that competes with digital, and the slice of the budget that goes specifically to email is bigger than some other entire categories.

Approximately $360 million will go to email overall, while direct mail is only slated to receive $200 million and non-newspaper print ads are budgeted for about $100 million.


Advertisers and brands have seen the opportunity to increase revenue when incorporating email into their services offered and portfolio of advertising offerings, and politicians are going where the best possible chances to reach constituents are. The Borrell Associates Inc. study sheds light on a growing trend in the continued increase of email marketing, which brands cannot ignore.


“Agencies and brands that haven’t made the switch will have to adapt to it quickly or begin to face dwindling responses and lower returns on their investment,” continues Rosen. “Working with a dedicated email marketing agency can make all the difference, providing trackable results and insights that will only build a solid foundation of marketing to the right audience at the right time.”


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