Nov 12, 2018

The Indiana Gazette, a daily newspaper serving Pennsylvania’s Indiana County, has purchased SCS’s ad dummying and classified pagination software tools Layout-8000 and SCS/ClassPag.


The Gazette has been in business since 1890 and is printed by Indiana Printing and Publishing. Until recently, they had been relying on legacy software for the purposes of the layout process. This legacy software, however, suffered from limited accessibility and was not up to the demands of a modern business that wanted to “move into the 21st century”, according to J.D. Grantz, Advertising Director at the Indiana Gazette. An upgrade was in order -- something that would allow the Gazette to make the leap from manual to automated ad processing.


Layout-8000 and SCS/ClassPag were chosen not only for their high efficiency and streamlined automation but also for the crucial ability to interface with the Gazette’s current systems: APT for ad order entry and DPS for ad tracking. Heaps of old data will need to be cleaned up, imported, and streamlined as part of the modernization process, and as the Gazette realized, SCS’s software is uniquely equipped for the challenge. As Phil Curtolo, Director of Sales at SCS, put it, “By selecting Layout-8000 and SCS/ClassPag, The Gazette seized the opportunity to significantly streamline their page design process.”


The Gazette is confident that the switch to SCS is the right decision, especially in an industry which leaves little margin for error. "Daily newspaper companies are faced with the unfortunate circumstance of producing a new product daily, providing little to no window of opportunity for improvements to workflow, systems, and processes,” said Grantz. “We’ve been very intentional in researching solutions from companies all over the world and I’m confident the functionality Layout-8000 and SCS/ClassPag bring to the table will be a game-changer for us."


About The Indiana Gazette

Located in West Central Pennsylvania, Indiana Printing & Publishing has provided its customers with local news and information continuously since 1890. In addition to The Indiana Gazette, the company also publishes State College's Town&Gown magazine and  Recreation News, the official publication of


About SCS

SCS offers an extensive line of publishing-related applications, including Layout-8000™. More than 300 sites producing over 1,000 publications in 18 countries in five languages use SCS mission-critical software every day. SCS is privately held by Richard and Martha Cichelli. You can learn more about SCS at