Newspaper Toolbox to launch one of the largest image libraries in the world!

Dec 12, 2018

MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 20, 2018 - Starting November 30, 2018, Newspaper Toolbox will add a new tool to its extensive family of services — ezfotos: an online image library containing over 87 million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations and backgrounds!

Logged-in subscribers can access the library — one of the largest in the world! — via the Newspaper Toolbox website. The service works on a pay-as-you-go model and offers newspapers the high-quality images they need to publish materials both online and in print. No contract is required so users are guaranteed a hassle-free experience.

A selection of sizes is available for each image in the library, ensuring that they can be customized to best suit the user’s needs.

The Newspaper Toolbox subscription service has steadily grown its offerings over the last two decades and intends to continue doing so. However, the addition of ezfotos is one that will bolster its appeal for newspapers looking for a comprehensive service that meets their many needs.

“We’re excited to launch ezfotos,” said Candide Gregoire, General Manager of Newspaper Toolbox. “It’s a service our subscribers have asked for and we’re happy we can deliver in such a big way.”

Newspaper Toolbox has served the newspaper industry for nearly 20 years, providing community publications an assortment of tools to help them thrive.

Among Toolbox’s offerings are special sections, print and web ad layouts, multiple-advertiser concept pages, editorial content, reader contests, promotional materials and sales support as well as games and horoscopes, recipes and much more.

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