Elyria Chronicle-Telegram Moves To Presteligence For Editorial, Website, Apps, And E-Edition

Dec 12, 2018

Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, announces Elyria Chronicle-Telegram and Medina Gazette will implement My News 360 Platform to replace a multitude of vendors in the editorial and digital space.

The My News 360 Platform offers a true multi-channel publishing system where there will be no more copying/pasting content, no more manually moving stories to an archived folder and many more streamlined efforts as a result of consolidating systems to Presteligence.

'Inefficiencies in our workflow and lack of communication between our existing systems led us to Presteligence and their full suite of multi-channel publishing services under the My News 360 umbrella. The vision of strategically sharing content among our publications and radio stations is appealing on so many levels--impacting our productivity and financial perspective.'

-Bill Hudnutt, President of Chronicle-Telegram

The media companies will share a database which allows editors to easily publish content from one newspaper into another for digital and print. As a fully-hosted service, reporters and editors alike can write and post content from their desktop or in the field, including news stories, photos, videos, and audio files. Each reporter can have their own queue to save working drafts and ideas. Each publication's editorial workflow will be structured with multiple rounds of edits before the files are moved to copy-edit or ready for print. All stories, galleries, and videos can be scheduled and ranked for output to web, newsletters, and social media.

Once items are marked ready for print, the copy editors can begin page design. Product schedules are created based on an export from Elyria's ad planning system, Power Plan. When page designers open the Adobe InDesign pages, ads automatically populate the page based on the information in the ad planning export file. This eliminates manual placement and potential errors. The My News 360 Adobe InDesign extension filters content designated to the page the designer is currently working on so they can easily identify what stories have been budgeted for each page.

Once pages are ready for approval, editors can approve the pages or request changes using the My News 360 page production portal. Elyria and Medina will be one of the first of Presteligence e-Edition customers where their entire editorial workflow is handled by Presteligence. The synergies between the two Presteligence systems will undoubtedly provide the highest level of integration and ultimately provide the best experience for their subscribers. Readers will also be able to access content and the e-edition via the publications' consolidated apps in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. My News 360 platform handles the subscriptions and pay meter that the publications choose to implement. Elyria and Medina's website will remain similar to their existing designs.

Chronicle-Telegram and The Gazette are part of the Lorain County Printing & Publishing Co., which also owns and operates four radio stations, WEOL 930-AM, WKFM 96.1-FM, WLKR 1510-AM, and WLKR 95.3-FM. The long list of items Presteligence will manage for these media outlets is as follows: editorial/cms, website hosting, archive of stories, photos, and videos, video platform, newsletters, polls, page design layout, e-edition, consolidated news and e-edition mobile apps, digital subscription purchasing, pay metering/paywall support.

'Elyria will be one of our first customers to take advantage of the full suite of services we offer. They can now publish content across all platforms and new outlets while drastically streamlining their operations, ultimately giving them the time to produce more quality content for their audiences.'

-Bob Behringer, President & CEO of Presteligence

Denise Franken

Director of Marketing | Presteligence


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