Boston Herald goes live with Tecnavia eEdition

Dec 12, 2018

Transition deemed fast, seamless

Burnsville, MN, December 5, 2018 — The Boston Herald has implemented Tecnavia’s NewsMemory© eEdition

on web browser and mobile apps to replace and upgrade their electronic print replica product.

“We see growing reader interest in digital and want to give our readers the best print replica experience we can.

We also need our digital products on a modern platform that can provide the features and innovative products

we need going forward,” said Michael Sheehan, Regional VP of Circulation for Northeast for Digital First Media.

Tecnavia’s web eEdition is built on the latest HTML code to optimize performance and user interface on the

platform. Mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android use native coding to provide fully integrated features, higher

performance and security.

“Another reason for moving to Tecnavia was to finally get clear metrics on eEdition readership, and see with

detail how eEditions are actually being used,” said Kevin LaMagdelaine, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for

Digital First Media. “Our old setup had us pretty much flying blind. Reports we received were not measuring the

data what we needed. We had to make assumptions about numbers that no one felt good about.”

With other Boston Herald projects planned for 2018, only a month was available to plan and execute the eEdition

change over. Another challenge was interfacing with internal systems that had not been touched for years, and in

some cases replacement was already underway.

“With all our projects going on, for us it was all hands on deck. We found Tecnavia’s customer support was fast

to get back and accommodating to adapt when we were limited by systems or time by what we could supply.

They set up a conversion schedule with regular web meetings to keep things on track. It was clear they had an

in-depth understanding of the process, even with 3rd party systems,” said LaMagdelaine.

“Tecnavia even helped us create marketing programs to support the transition. We did emailers and even ran a

contest for early adopters,” said Gerry Sher, Boston Herald Home Delivery Manager. “We had a seamless

transition with no service interruptions. It’s a real achievement considering high reader activity thanks to the Red

Sox, Patriots and elections.”

About Tecnavia

Tecnavia has over 20 years’ experience in e-publishing and was a pioneer in the concept of digital print editions.

Today, Tecnavia manages over 2,000 titles and processes over 8 million pages per year. Services now include

Total Media Apps for live news, eEditions, website meters, digital archives, eTearsheets and the new Tecnavia Ad

Network. We aim to continue offering high-performance, innovative and cost-effective solutions relying on hard

work, bright ideas, and continuous research and development.



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