ProImage centralizing production for organizations and helping publishers streamline operations

Jan 16, 2019

ProImage is wrapping up a workflow project with the Brunswick News, Moncton, Canada, that is installing NewsWayX automated workflow to streamline production. Edition plans are created to easily track production. PDF pages will preflight using a Pitstop Server, then two upgraded Harlequin RIPs generate TIFFs; softproofs are automatically generated for review. NewsWayX then automatically pairs the pages based on the edition plan. A copy of the TIFF is also sent to Rockwell Press Control System for Ink presets, as well as to local proofers. Fan-out values are applied to individual separation upon CTP output to accommodate for web growth on press.

Halifax Herald, Canada, is centralized workflow using existing Arkitex workflow licenses to manage production to three plants formerly using Prinergy. Each site will have its own remote workflow for Planning, RIPPing, softproofing and sending plate-ready TIFFs to Kodak CTP units at each location. Local footprints are removed to save on support and hardware costs. OnColor ECO ink optimization is also being used to reduce ink costs.

The Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN, is upgrading to NewsWayX, ProImage’s latest workflow, to manage production to AGFA CTP devices. Planning files will be imported from NewsCycle and PECOM to build editions that contain plate location information, which will be burnt onto the plates, as well as a barcode for sorting and tracking. An existing Asura preflighting system and RIPP farm will be integrated for easy error reporting through the browser. Ink Presets will be calculated and sent to PECOM for ink presetting. Auto color toning of images will also be part of the workflow to streamline production and reduce costs.

New York Times, NY, is upgrading their Arkitex workflow to NewsWayX, a current version of ProImage/AGFA software. The new version will simplify edition planning and manage the additional commercial work as well as local publication at the College Point plant in Flushing, NY. Edition plans will automatically be generated by importing a plan from Courier layout system, as well as Goss OmniX press control system, to obtain plate location data and page counts needed. NewsWay will then burn plate information onto the plates as part of the barcode along with all furniture marks for output to five CTP lines. Color locking separations and load balancing all lines. Ink presets as CIP3 values will be sent to Goss and copy of TIFF to black magic for calibrated hard proofing.

ProImage’s NewsWayX workflow can be fully accessed from any computer platform that supports a browser. Its easy-to-use interface along with a proven robust system provides advantages to publishers and system operators.