Facebook Branded Content: What media organizations need to know

Jan 16, 2019


Facebook says: Branded content is a form of advertising that can be hard to define and is continuously evolving. At a high level, it's when media companies work with advertisers to create a mix of editorial and sponsored content. It's created in the tone of the publisher but highlights the offering of the advertiser.

Social News Desk and SND RevStream streamline creation, tracking and sales of branded content for your organization, while ensuring your Facebook page stays in line with Facebook’s Branded Content policy.




Facebook allows verified media Pages to post promotions; videos or photos featuring third party products, brands or sponsors; endcards; product placement; sponsor’s logos, including those displayed within the video by virtue of having been recorded during filming; and posts that clearly disclose the content is sponsored or provided by a third party.

Pages must tag the sponsor using the branded content tool and may tag one sponsor per post. SND RevStream ensures each post contains the appropriate sponsor tag and allows you to track performance of your branded content.



Within videos, Facebook does not allow pre, mid, or post roll ads or content that features third-party products, brands or sponsors located in the first three seconds or persistently (more than five seconds) throughout the video, including title cards featuring the sponsor or graphical overlays and watermarks.

Facebook also does not allow banner ads within photos featuring third-party products, brands or sponsors, or cover photos or profile pictures that feature a brand other than your own.



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