Introducing... revenue-generating event calendars

Mar 15, 2019


Monetize and organize local event listings in print and online, automatically!

Event calendars are the solution you need to become the epicenter of local events, in print and online, and gain a distinct advantage in your community.

With EVVNT & METRO, you can now connect event marketers to your publication and readers instantly with an automated online marketing platform that can also reverse-publish to a print calendar, making the entire process fast, simple and highly profitable!

Here’s how it works: 

  • EVVNT software allows any event marketer to submit their event to your online calendar. Event marketers can then automatically access additional distribution to a network of more than 3,500 websites by category and location, giving them an even greater incentive to get on board.
  • While events will automatically appear for free in your digital calendar, you can offer marketers upsell opportunities for advertising in the print calendar, status upgrades like “editor’s pick” or “featured” events, voice marketing and more valuable add-ons. This gives you the ability to create incremental revenue from an avenue that previously brought in little to no profit.
  • In addition to event marketer submissions, EVVNT can automatically populate your calendar with events from Ticketmaster, Eventbrite and other channels, so you always have a robust calendar base.
  • Through an easy-to-use CMS, your digital calendar can be curated and automatically converted by METRO to a ready-to-publish, revenue-generating print calendar like the one shown on this page.
  • Use print pages to cross-promote your online event calendar and listings, and quickly generate as many automated print pages as you need to accommodate premium event advertisers.

With print and digital event calendar automation from EVVNT and METRO, you have what you need to:

  1. Generate thousands in new business advertising revenue from the events industry.
  2. Solidify your position as the go-to resource for what’s happening locally.
  3.  Save hours of research and production time.


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