Evergreen Printing continues solar farm expansion and other upgrades

Mar 15, 2019

Evergreen Printing, located in Bellmawr, New Jersey, has started the expansion of last year’s solar field installation to include an additional 2,000 panels on the roof of our print facility.

The roof was replaced last fall as a first step for this project. Engineering studies and utility applications will proceed through the next few months with panel installation expected to begin in early Summer 2019.

After installation is completed, the power generated by the entire solar project will reduce dependency on fossil fuels and other natural resources. 


Chemical Free Plates

The process of developing plates for web offset presses formerly required the use of developer and other chemicals. This produced waste water that needed to be collected and recycled. New plate processors use only water, resulting in a cleaner, chemical-free environment.


Prinergy Upgrade

Evergreen Printing recently installed the latest upgrade for Prinergy software that processes PDF files to create the proofs and printing plates for our web presses. This software checks for proper font usage, converts colors to CMYK as needed and creates the proper screen ruling needed for best reproduction.


Evergreen prints daily, weekly and monthly publications including magazines, newspapers and periodicals for regional, national, and international publishers. Evergreen Printing Company is in Bellmawr, New Jersey, near Philadelphia Pennsylvania, conveniently located between New York City and Washington, D.C.