News-Net Inc announces March release of AdWorks 2019 with new features and platform updates

Mar 15, 2019

Oakville, Ontario ― AdWorks 2019, part of the News-Net Inc. company software portfolio, is positioning newspapers for success with a March 2019 update including new features, tools and customized user experience. AdWorks is a core advertising management tool to increase efficiency and centralize workflow, and is used by newspapers and publications across North America.

The AdWorks platform is built around a user-friendly interface with powerful features. With the new release, users can expect a more fluid workflow for better daily productivity.

Users will be able to customize greater preferences to meet daily processes and to increase overall productivity. The user friendly design of AdWorks ensures that regardless of skill level, all newspapers can harness the latest technologies available to implement into the workplace.

“With the release of AdWorks 2019 we want newspapers to feel empowered by technology, not hindered by it. The clean interface and platform is simple to use, and that is incredibly important,” says Melissa Stolarz, Analyst at News-Net Inc. “We want our customers to deliver an exceptional experience when managing advertisement accounts, and AdWorks provides that solution in a powerful way.”

AdWorks 2019 will also include enhanced password and security encryption, using SHA 256/Salt encryption. The software will also force HTTPS for all services through its API’s to other products for security.

The released software will run on a 64 bit app and utilize MySQL 8 that will be up to two times faster than the previous version. The faster quality can meet the increasing demands of larger volumes of data.

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