Newsday goes live with SCS/Track

Aug 16, 2019

After successfully going live with SCS/ClassPag at the beginning of the summer, Newsday Media Group, the country’s 10th largest newspaper by circulation, has now gone live with SCS/Track.  Newsday Media Group is the publisher of the Long Island daily Newsday, as well as the 79-edition Hometown Shopper weekly.

SCS/Track replaces several systems that had previously been tightly integrated and customized by Newsday’s talented staff. The workflow was heavily paper-based and the company was looking for a more standard solution that required less day-to-day attention from the IT department. Knowing that SCS had implemented a paperless workflow at Times Review Media Group (also on Long Island), Newsday turned to the vendor they’ve worked with for nearly 15 years. 

It turned out to be a wise decision, as the Newsday and SCS teams had SCS/Track up and running in a few weeks. “The system is up, stable and all production work is now running through SCS/Track,” Greg McDonald, Newsday’s director of editorial systems & content delivery said. McDonald says it was a pleasure working with the SCS team to bring this project to life. 

McDonald continues, “[The SCS] team did a fantastic job. I kept coming up with requests to try and get all the pieces to come together and wondered when the well was going to run dry, but Mike [Grabowski] kept finding solutions and turning around what was needed. Jon [Ebling] has the patience of a saint dealing with users. He has a genuine knack for just listening to users and understanding where the request is going and coming up with thought-out solutions.”

SCS/Track went live in July of 2019, just a few weeks after the launch of SCS/ClassPag at all Newsday publications. 

About Newsday Media Group:

Newsday Media Group (NMG) is one of the nation’s most dynamic media organizations, providing robust content and successful marketing solutions to Long Island and New York City through its portfolio of print, digital and video products. With 19 Pulitzer Prizes, multiple New York Emmy awards and countless honors for outstanding journalism, Newsday reaches five out of 10 Long Island adults each week. In addition to Newsday, NMG properties include amNewYork, New York City’s most widely circulated free daily paper and Hometown Shopper, one of the Northeast's largest groups of weekly shopper publications.

About SCS:

SCS offers an extensive line of publishing-related applications, including Layout-8000™. More than 300 sites producing over 2,000 publications in 10 countries in five languages use SCS mission-critical software every day. SCS is privately held by Richard and Martha Cichelli. You can learn more about SCS at